From our shoebox apartment in Hong Kong to our lovely new home in London (with my pre-made dream kitchen), I was ready to cook! The real game changer was when COVID-19 hit…no more eating out or nipping to the family’s house for a cooked meal, just 24/7 home cooking. When supermarkets don’t deliver what you ask for or when you run out of the last can of tinned tomato, what do you do…? This is when I learnt to improvise and finesse my cooking with what I had, aka the ‘Ready Steady Cook’ moment.

250,000 tonnes of the food that goes to waste each year is still edible. That’s enough for 650 million meals. By using as much of the scraps and trimmings from our food we would normally throw away, we can help reduce this. Before perishable food turns bad, freeze, ferment, boil down or cook them to preserve it for your next meal. We do not use plastic containers to serve our meals as we care about the entire supply chain. I love having takeaways as much as the next person but my plastics cupboard simply cannot hold anymore. If you haven’t watched the film ‘A Plastic Ocean’, I highly recommend it.

A little bit about me to end with, I am a self-taught chef with a background in hospitality and travel plus a mother of two. I am certified in NCFE Level 2 Nutrition and Health and Level 2 Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering:

L2 Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate -

IMperfect is a registered food business and is available on a one-off and subscription basis. We are proud to be working with local businesses, suppliers and supporting the ‘zero waste’ initiative.