What are IMperfect Friday meals?

IMperfect is a dinner collection and carbon free delivery service. We offer meals once a week currently on a Friday. We work on a pre-order system so that we always know how many we are cooking for. This helps us to cut down on food waste in the kitchen.  You book and pay for your dinner by 3pm Thursday for a one off meal for Friday collection. A 4-week subscription is also available and offers a great discount for diners. We use imperfect ingredients from local businesses to support the initiative on ‘reducing food waste’. Meals are provided in sustainable reusable stainless-steel food grade containers to help reduce single use plastic.


The Menu

The IMperfect mission is to give you a night off - not just from cooking but also from any decision making. So, we carefully curate our menus so you get just that - a nourishing and balanced meal to help you unwind and relax after a long day. Our IMperfect meals always include a variety of vegetables within your meal, typically there will be one main dish containing meat, seafood or meat free alternative. All ingredients used are stated on our website menu and will be posted on social media too every Tuesday

Our menus change weekly and are inspired by Kitty and her travels around the world including Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.


What is a Food Box?

Your IMperfect dinner is served in a stainless steel, tiered container which is food grade and dishwasher & freezer safe. The round container style is called a tiffin and is used all over India to carry home cooked meals. The rectangular style container is like a bento box which is commonly used in Japan. You can use yours as a lunch box while you are waiting for your next IMperfect delivery.


Your Food Box

You pay for your food box deposit along with your meal plan when you add your items to the shopping cart on our website. We’ll bring it to you filled with our yummy IMperfect meal the first time we deliver. From then on we’ll swap it over every time you would like another. We will remind you to return your food box when we drop your next meal.


Please do wash your food box before returning to us - simply pop it in your dishwasher or hand wash with your regular washing-up liquid.

If you do not wish to dine with us again in the near future, simply drop off the undamaged food boxes to us at W5 1JD or the Sunday market and your deposits will be 100% refunded.

How it Works

On our website, go to 'How it works' to see a summary on how to register, purchase and dine. See below for more detailed steps:

Register your dietary profile by selecting the 'Log in' button on the website header menu. Once you register, you can log in and update your account and dietary profile any time as well as addresses and payment cards.

After registering your dietary profile, go to 'Order' please add at least one type of Food Box from the first section, then select from one of our plans - either One Adult or Two Adults along with your plan frequency - either one week or weekly for 4 weeks. Remember you can pause or cancel whenever you like on subscription.

We will contact you by the Tuesday of your delivery week to confirm if you would like your IMperfect meal that week. It’s pretty easy to change, skip or cancel a delivery if you are on subscription – just email us at or contact us on 078 6200 1601. Please do try to let us know by 3pm Wednesday in the week of your delivery if you wish to postpone your meal that week. This allows us to manage food waste in the kitchen a lot better.

Your IMperfect meal will be available for collection or be delivered to you on Friday or ready for Sunday market collection, voila!

Registering your initial dietary profile

Each guest must complete their own individual dietary profile so that we understand each person's individual requirements especially their allergies and dietaries. If you are registering on behalf of your children who don't have an email address, please use yours if necessary.


We charge a one-off £15/£20 for your reusable food box. Should you decide to cancel, the container is yours to keep. Our meal prices depend on the plan you choose - £10 for one adult or £18 for two adults. Discount is available on 4-week subscription basis at £34 for one adult or £64 for two adults. Fee is £3 per delivery and available to areas shown on 'How it works'


Use-within dates

Please consume your food within 3 days. If you are not eating your meal upon delivery then please refrigerate. Remember to reheat thoroughly if you have chilled your meal before consumption.

To reheat, simply follow the instructions for this week which you can find under the weekly menu


When is my IMperfect meal available?

We deliver on Fridays between 1-3pm but your meal can be collected from W5 1JD from 4pm. Please contact us at or contact us on 078 6200 1601 to confirm a collection time slot. 

How do I eat my IMperfect meal?

Your IMperfect meal will come 'ready to reheat'. Many diners prefer this option so they can dine at their leisure later on in the evening. Each week's menu will come with it's own reheat instructions based on the dishes and can be found underneath the weekly menu. Once you have purchased an IMperfect meal via the website, we will be in touch (via Whatsapp/email) to let you know the final menu or of any changes before collection/delivery.

Where does IMperfect deliver?

Deliveries currently available in W3, W5, W7, W13 including Pitshanger, Montpelier, Perivale, Hanwell, Greenford (subject to availability) If your post code is not shown here, get in touch so we can expand to your area!


What if I'm not at home?

No problem! Lots of people aren’t home when we deliver. Life’s busy, so simply let us know a safe place we can leave your box if you’re not in (behind the gate, with a neighbour, etc.) and we will leave it there for you to collect when you get home. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible if your food is cold or goes missing if we have been told to leave it in your preferred spot.

Edit my information

If you want to change your personal details or dietary profile, log on to your account and submit an updated profile to meet your current lifestyle.


Pause my subscription

We know life’s busy, and everyone needs a break now and again. To pause or cancel your subscription, simply email us at or contact us on 078 6200 1601.


When will I be charged for my meal?

You will be charged on upon checkout. For 4-week subscription, the full amount will still be taken upon check out but you can choose to pause your subscription at any time.



If you have been issued a refund, it should reach your bank within 10 working days.